Halloween 2013

 It’s getting colder outside and as Darkness Falls earlier and earlier there is a certain scare in the air, so that can mean only one thing. I know what you’re thinking and I’m not talking about the rollout of the Affordable Care Act, I’m talking about Halloween of course. This is a time of the year to start thinking about all of the scary things we’ve seen in horror movies over the years and to realize that there are things happening around us everyday that are just as scary.

For instance, in Paranormal Activity the night vision cam offers us grainy images of all kinds of strange Phenomena and unexplained activities, but imagine if you will the following scenario that most likely takes place in a home near you. It’s late at night and the house is very quiet except for the strange almost inhuman moan coming from the upstairs. Outside even though The Fog is very heavy the moon is able to shine through the Rear Window just enough for you to make out a shadowy, almost Alien figure, limping down the hallway like something from Night of the Living Dead. Its facial expression is of pain, torment and hopelessness. As The Entity works its way downstairs what happens next is almost unimaginable. Like An American Werewolf in London the dark shape drops slowly to the floor and begins to get into all sorts of contortions and twisted positions, and proceeds to crawl on its all fours (like that nice little girl in The Ring), and props up its legs on the couch all the while continuing to moan. Is this a Poltergeist or perhaps a Possession of some sort in need of The Exorcist? Actually this is a normal night of a person suffering from sciatica. Sciatica is very painful condition that I talked about in an earlier post. You can learn more at /blog/2012/09/sciatica/

 Or how about vampires. And I’m not talking about The Children from Twilight because in all honesty the Cullins seem like they would be pretty cool to hang out with. (Although Bella annoys me...seriously, she has one facial expression). I’m thinking more along the lines of 30 Days of Night or even Nosferatu himself.(These creatures are the real deal.). Imagine yourself lying in bed All Alone when you wake to a strange and Insidious electrical sensation on your neck, feeling almost as if beetles were crawling under your skin reminiscent of The Mummy. As this sensation soon turns into a deep shooting pain radiating into your arm your worst fears come alive and you are ready to Scream as you realize you have....most likely a pinched nerve in the lower neck. The following video will give a little insight. http://alexandriachirocenter.com/injury828.html

And if you think The Evil Dead was scary this last image will certainly curdle your blood. I want you to picture yourself walking down a busy street. The sun is Shining, the wind is blowing and The Birds are birding, when suddenly you experience a blinding pain in your head, the kind of pain you think must surely be caused by some sort of fashionable Saw headgear. The pain increases to the point where you think your head will explode like that poor fellow in Scanners, and then you realize what just happened.....you have a migraine. The Thing is migraines can come at random and for some people they can go away as quick as they came, but for The Others they can still be present 28 days later or even 28 weeks later. To learn more about chiropractic treatment for migraines visit http://alexandriachirocenter.com/injury460.html

So this Halloween after all of the candy is gone, the last of the trick or treaters are most likely home in bed and your house is dark and quiet, try not to think of things that go bump in the night. Because although most sounds you hear in the middle of the night can be explained rationally, there are some that horror movies are made of.

Happy Halloween.
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