Just a reminder of the FMCSA requirements for maintaining proper blood pressure for your medical exam. In order to be qualified for a two-year certificate you must have a blood pressure of 140/90 or less without medication.

If your blood pressure is 140-159/90-99 you will receive a one year certificate and upon recertification, you must be less than 140/90 or you will receive a one-time three-month recertification.

If your blood pressure is 160-179/100-109 you will receive a one- time three-month certificate and upon recertification, your blood pressure must be less than 140/90 for a one-year renewal.

If your blood pressure is greater than 180/110 you will not receive certification and once you get your pressure below 140/90 you will receive a six-month recertification.

Remember, once you are on blood pressure medicine the longest recertification you can get is one year. If you have any questions about the rules and regulations concerning blood pressure or any other issues with your CDL medical exam please call Alexandria Chiropractic Center @ 859-635-6666 and ask to speak with Dr. Kevin E. Crowley.

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