There are a couple of new rules that the FMCSA is implanting for 2018. The one that most drivers will be happy to hear is starting in July 2018, drivers will no longer be required to carry a medical card or submit it to the state for licensing. The electronic registry will verify certification. So say goodbye to the paper cards. Another change that is coming is the ability to extend your exams. For instance, if  you receive a certificate that’s only valid for three months due to high blood pressure, you have to go back for a whole new exam in three months. It’s no longer acceptable to just go back for a blood pressure check and extend your exam for the rest of the year. So do everyone a favor and have your blood pressure under control before you come in for the exam. If you are currently taking medicine for hypertension don't forger to take it on the day of your exam. Another change that is coming is for the medical examiner. We now must send your results to the national registry within 24 hours. The FMCSA made this a rule so that you’ll be able to get your results quickly, with minimal downtime. For more information visit

Call today to schedule your CDL physical. We have early Saturday appointments available for our drivers if needed. If you have a specific question regarding the medical requirements for the physical be sure to call Alexandria Chiropractic Center at 859-635-6666 and ask to speak with Dr. Kevin E. Crowley.

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