What’s the best kind of mattress?

Throughout the years one of my patients most asked questions is what kind of mattress should I buy. In the past when I first started practicing the choices were limited and my response would be a semi-firm to firm reputable brand. The brands I would often recommend would be Simmons, Serta, Sealy and even Sears. (I never really realized the S connection..Hmm.) Anyway these brands all had one thing in common and that is that they are all an innerspring model.

Over the years new types of mattresses came onto the market and now you have choices including air, water, gel, memory foam and so on. Everything from sleep by numbers to elevated hospital beds. So now when patients come into my office my response is little more specific. Of all the types of mattresses on the market today the type that consistently rates the highest in customer satisfaction is the memory foam type. The industry uses pressure point mapping to gauge how a persons body is supported on a surface such as a mattress, and rates all types of surfaces. Memory foam rates much higher than innerspring. For more information regarding pressure point mapping check out http://www.pressuremapping.com/index.cfm?pageID=23 .

If you say memory foam to most people they will think of the Tempurpedic brand because of great marketing success. Tempurpedic is a really good mattress but it does have a couple of downsides including lack of heat dissipation resulting in customers complaining of getting hot at night. But the main downside of a Tempurpedic mattress is the price tag that comes with it. A person can expect to pay anywhere from 2200 to 4200 dollars for a queen size depending on the style. You can sometimes find them a little cheaper when on sale.

I always try and give my patients the best advice and at the same time try and save them some money, so I recently started recommending a mattress brand that I think they will be happy with. I wanted to mention a few things that are unique about it:

- most memory foam is manufactured in China but the chiroslumber bedding is made 100 percent in the USA using hypoallergenic materials and complying with all Federal safety practices.

- Chiroslumber uses coolmax technology to manufacture mattress covers to end the problem with heat dissipation.

- They are certified by Certipur-US for quality, Go to http://certipur.us/pages/for-consumers/ for more information.

- They consistently compare with Tempurpedic for comfort and quality, but the best part is that they are about half the cost. The queen size is 1299.00. If you do comparison shopping the chiroslumber is comparable with the Tempurpedic Cloud Supreme model. A quick internet search showed a average price of 2399.00 for the queen size.

- They have the best return policy on the market. (120 days no questions asked, no charge for return shipping and picked up at your door the day after you call, with a full refund.) They also have a 20 year limited warranty.

You will spend 1/3 of you life on a mattress so it is an important decision. Whatever mattress you decide to purchase be sure you do your homework before purchasing. If you have any questions regarding the company or mattress give me a call and I’ll be happy to talk to you further about my experiences with them. If you decide to order from them be sure to mention my name as sometimes they offer upgrades and such.

Dr. Kevin E. Crowley

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