What’s in your bottle?

I’m not talking about your Apple Pie Moonshine, I’m talking about your supplement bottle. A new kind of test called DNA barcoding has been developed to help uncover labeling fraud in the supplement industry. Recently Canadian researchers tested 44 bottles of popular supplements sold by 12 companies. "They found that many were not what they claimed to be, and the pills labeled as popular herbs were often diluted-or replaced entirely-by cheap fillers like soybean, wheat and rice." Of the 44 bottles one third showed outright substitution. Instead of the labeled supplement they contained things such as laxatives, bitter weed which has been linked to nausea and rashes and some contained black walnut which could be deadly for people with nut allergies.

The FDA has little oversight in the supplement industry and there is basically a honor system among the companies. (Not working so well.) In fact a doctor interviewed in the study commented that" most consumers had no idea how few safeguards were in place". The thing to take away from this study is to deal with reputable companies and even then ask for independent assay results of their products. Here at Alexandria Chiropractic Center we only use physician grade supplements. Their products do not contain wheat, gluten, nuts, eggs or hydrogenated oils. Their products are tested by several independent labs for quality.http://www.purecaps.com

I have been using and recommending their products to my patients for almost 10 years. These are the supplements that I give to  my children. If you are currently using or are thinking about using supplements please do some research on the company who you order from. Now...about that Apple Pie Moonshine ;-)


To view the original study visit:http://www.biomedcentral.com/1741-7015/11/222/abstract
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